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Equine Care

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Welcome to the Association of Certified Equine Therapies (ACET). Our mission is to connect equine health professionals with horse owners through a complete educational network. Our website features an extensive collection of free and paid content such as videos, articles, books, case studies, and pictures. All content is provided by vets, therapists, and experts in their fields. The site also offers a kid’s section with tips and videos geared towards teaching the next generation of horsemen.

For those looking to be a part of the equine health industry, we offer a variety of certification courses taught by industry experts. Our association connects course graduates with insurance professionals, finance options, equipment manufacturers, and other partnerships that are vital to a successful business startup.

For the Professional:

For an annual membership fee, you will be added to our list of professionals, be able to submit educational content, advertise events, and host training courses. Our site allows horse owners to shop all things equine therapy in one location.

We will provide social media exposure, website seo optimization, and advertisement. We have multiple booth commitments throughout the year where visitors will be able to see a full list of available courses, events, and content.

General advertising is included with the membership, but if you would like to make your business stand out, we also have ad packages available to spotlight your business in high traffic areas of the website.


For the Horse Owner:

You want the best for your horse, we understand that. It can be difficult to sort through different types of therapies to figure out what your horse needs. ACET is here to help deliver the education you need all in one easy site. Most of our industry experts started out as horse-crazy kids that had goals to improve the lives of their equine partners. ACET is bringing all that expert information right to your barn! You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, and find a professional in your area.


For the Student:

ACET invites you to build your business with our programs. We are continuously adding new certification courses and learning opportunities. Our courses feature videos, reading material, and hands-on learning. No matter your learning style or experience level, you will be able to fully absorb all the information. Upon completion of a course, you will have the tools to begin or add to your business. You will have access to insurance agents, marketing managers, and a team of peers to help you along your journey.

Certification Courses

Certified Equine

Rehab Therapist

Certified Equine

Care Specialist

Certified Equine

Respiratory Therapist

Disclaimer: Information in these courses reflect the opinions of Superior Therapy LLC, ACET, and its partners. This website, courses, and information is designed to provide the knowledge, hands-on experience, and basics to help people excel in the therapy industry. Information is not intended to be a substitute for veterinary care. We are not diagnosing, treating or operating without the consent of licensed veterinarians. Course graduates and facilities are not a direct reflection on Superior Therapy LLC, ACET, or its partners. Certification of completion indicates that graduates have received correct training in their desired field of therapy. We are not responsible for any practice outside the facility of Superior Therapy LLC.