This course will provide the needed knowledge to own, operate, or work at a rehab facility. Students will begin with a video course that covers basic safety protocols, how to use equipment, working with veterinarians, business concepts, and daily practice of a rehab facility. The first part of this course will be a set of video and textbook criteria followed by a test that must be passed before the student can schedule the on-site learning portion.


The on-site portion can be scheduled as full time – 10 days (10 to 5) with weekend off.

Or 2 scheduled weekends – Friday – Sunday (10 to 6)

A practical test will be completed before certification is given.

Certified Equine Rehab Therapist

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  • Course Itinerary

    Certified Equine Rehab Therapist


    Rehab Course:


    What’s included in this course purchase:



    55 Corrective Exercises for Horses – Jec Aristotle Ballou

    Physical Therapy for Horses – Helle Katrine Kleven


    Your future in the equine rehab industry starts here. This course will teach you all the basics it takes to operate a rehab facility. You’ll learn how to safely use equipment, decide what types of equipment will work best for your facility, and how to develop a treatment plan for each horse. This course is broken down into two sections to make learning fun and easy. The first section is a compilation of online videos and the second section is onsite training at Superior Therapy LLC. The onsite training will be totally hands-on training. You’ll learn to assess horses, work with veterinarians, come up with a treatment plan, and track progress on real in-treatment horses. You will be treading horses under our direction as well as learning how to train new horses to the aquatred. We will also teach you our exercises and stretches used to rebuild weak areas and return horses to performance. This course is jam packed full of experience-based training material. We’ve done the trial, error, and hard work for you… Now let us teach you how to help improve the lives of horses. Bonus materials include: Discussing Insurance, Social Media skills by Summer, How to Build your Brand, and Targeting your Ideal Customer. Let us help you design the rehab facility of your dreams. This is the first Certification Course of its kind, and is open to anyone 18 and older. Upon completion and exam completion, graduates will still have access to all future video content, refresher courses, and support from Summer. 


    Equipment Training:



                 3 types of hydrotherapy

                 Selecting the correct equipment for your facility

                 Care and Maintenance of equipment

                 Barn Design and Specs

                 Safe Practice

                 How to Start New Horses

                 Speed/Distance/Water Levels

                 Developing a plan for each horse

                 Working the problem horse

                 Assessing movement in water

                 Finding areas of weakness

                 Insurance Coverage


                 PEMF & Laser Equipment:

                 PEMF vs. Laser Therapy

                 Benefits and Functions

                 Low Frequency vs. High Frequency

                 Selecting the correct equipment

                 Developing a program for each horse


                 Safe Storage

                 Insurance Coverage

                 Legal Facts for Business Use


                 Other Equipment & Uses:

                 Vibration Plates


                 Ozone Therapy



    Free Flow Walker


    Massage Techniques:

                 Breaking Down Scar Tissue

                 Massage for Mobilization

                 Stretching for Alignment

                 Enhancing nerve signals

                 Massage for Circulation

                 Contraindications & Safety


    Reconditioning Therapy:

                 Balancing/Stretching/Rebuilding Muscle

                 Drills/Exercises/Conditioning for Correct Mechanics


    Daily Operations:

                 Wrapping techniques

                 Caring for Wounds

                 Medication Knowledge

                 Working with Veterinarians

                 Nutrition for Healing



    Business Concepts:

                 Suggested Reading

                 Insurance Coverage

                 Financing Options

                 Social Media Instruction

                 Advertising Tips

                 Building Your Brand

    Targeting Your Ideal Customer


    Horse Assessments:

                 Recognizing areas of weakness

                 Veterinary exam

                 Hoof Angles and Potential Lameness

                 Determining Fitness Level

                 Locating Soreness

                 Primary vs. Secondary Soreness

                 How Body Score/Condition Affects Healing

                 How Body Score/Condition Causes Injury


    Designing your Dream Barn:

    Layout for Equipment


    Being Economical

    Proper Staffing

    Internship Programs

    Basic Supplies 

    Barn Flooring 

    Stall Size


    Dr. Sam Crosby- DVM

    Summer Terry- Certified Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist, Equine Rehab Expert,  Barrel Racer 

    Annie Specht - Trainer, Equine Care Expert, Show Jumper