Rescheduled- Learn how to massage and realign the horse's spine through a process called deep motion stretching. Simple enough for the horse owner to learn, but detailed enough for the professional bodywork to gain new skills. 


Equine flexion is designed to access your horse's abnormal behavior, and investigate the reasons for it.  Through physical examination, stretching and visual response, the Equine Flexion Therapist can pin point the problem area, and help alleviate the pain. Within just a few hours of massaging, stretching and stress point targeting, our horse can be restored back to its natual optimum ability. Your horse will be able to perform without hindrance of pain, and you will discover your horse's true potential as a result of using Equine Flexion Therapy. You will also learn how high/low hoof syndrome affects the muscle development and causes performance issues. You will also learn to detect potential issues when shipping for a new horse. 


"3 days of intense work with mostly hands on education. I have compiled a lifetime of information, theories with visual, spinal and muscle exams to be able to understand the musculoskeletal system of the horse, learn how to massage and realign the horse's spink through a process called Deep Motion Stretching."- Dan Marcum

Equine Flexion Clinic


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